We have an Avalanche of tile, and with all the choices you have to choose from, it can be confusing as to what is best for your space. If you are on a budget you may wonder, is it ok to choose a cheap tile? Does price have anything to do with quality? Our on-staff designers can help you make sense of it all and use their expertise to create the look you want without blowing your budget.

Here’s just a few facts about tile:

Ceramic and porcelain tile:

Both are clay based and fired for hardness. Porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic making porcelain a stronger denser tile. The glazes applied to these tiles make them stain and scratch resistant and is easy to clean. They can be installed on the floor or the wall and is always a good idea to keep a little extra tile in the same dye lot in case a repair is needed later.

Is tile warm or cold?

Well that depends! Tiles are cool in the summer but can also be made warm in the winter if you have them installed over a floor heating system controlled by a thermostat.

Natural stone tiles:

Beautiful and natural, stone has been used to create cathedrals, pyramids, museums and streets. Created by mother nature, each piece is uniquely different and creates an existence all its own. They are cut as small as mosaics to very large profile tiles. Natural stone is easy to clean after it’s been sealed with an approved stone sealer. Experience the tranquil beauty of natural stone when installed by a true craftsman.

Decorative Tile:

Using decorative tile adds beauty and uniqueness to your space. The possibilities are endless with the thousands of decorative tiles you have to choose from in different textures, colors, designs and shapes. Throw in just a splash or make a statement on an entire wall. They come in all price points so anyone can make their space unique. Visit our Fort Collins showroom and one of our on staff designers will help you create an exciting look you’ll love.

Installation matters:

Protect your investment. Now that you have decided on the perfect materials and design, choosing your craftsman to install them matters. Whether you are a do it yourselfer or hire installers for your flooring project, your subfloor, underlayment, setting materials, tools and skills matter. They can make or break your project and your budget! Avalanche Floor Coverings offers a “worry free” installation with a lifetime warranty that it will be installed right with highly skilled and experienced craftsman using the right tools and materials.